Awful-ly Happy

Randall J. Birnberg

Did you have one or more psychological, emotional or sexual traumatic experiences in your childhood?

Little Randy did, a numerous amount of them in fact … and now he’s here to unfold every detail of those seemingly complicated adolescent memories. Not to mention the confusing emotions he felt experiencing them.

Follow little Randy through his abusive and sometimes unimaginable childhood growing up in a mafia family, in a racist and highly religious neighborhood on the culturally diverse Southside of Chicago in the 60s and 70s.

But WAIT! It doesn’t end there.

Some forty years later Randy, now Randall, has transformed those disconcerting, disturbing encounters into undeniable life lessons. Twenty indispensable and extremely useful lessons that have helped him become a more respectful son to his mom, a more positive role model to his daughter and a more dedicated and loyal partner to his significant other and a more supportive cohort to his close friends.

But WAIT! It doesn’t end there.

Are you ready to start new habits with your family and friends with the goal of bringing more positivity into your life?

Every chapter ends with a write-in section designed to help you make positive sense of your past, created a more optimistic present and look to a more hopeful future.

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For almost 30 years Randall J. Birnberg has been educating students as well as advising and training multinational managing directors and businessmen and businesswomen. He has given intercultural keynote addresses and has conducted hundreds of workshops and seminars.

Randall J. Birnberg is a Certified Positive Psychology Coach and doctoral student in the EHERO institute at Erasmus University in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. He is currently researching ‘life satisfaction’ levels of US citizens living in Germany.

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